Upvoting System with Atomic Counter API (Android)

I have posted this as a comment in a similar question, but I think it should be a new one. so here it is:

Hi! I don’t understand Atomic Counter API completely… I’m trying to implement an upvoiting system to pics in my app, I think I could use this but I’m not sure… Would that be OK?

I do not quite understand is this:

  1. How do I create a counter in Android?
  2. If I created a counter for every single pic, wouldn’t that be like too many counters? And in case it’s OK to do it this way, I wouldn’t need aan attribute on my Picture object to save the upvotes because they would be in the counter… it’s that OK?

I’m sorry since I’m obiously quiet new at this… But I understand the rest of the API so I hope I will be able to understand this too…


  1. A counter is created when you start using the counter API.

  2. There may be a cost associated with it. There no infinite resources in Backendless which are free, so even with counters there is going to be a free limit (we have not established it yet). However, the overall approach is reasonable and you’re right - you will not need an attribute because the value would be in the counter.