User Count not accurate

I just imported some data in addition to the existing user datatable. But now the no of users shows only 1 instead of 359.

I can;t edit the rest of the user info because the pagging at the buttom display 1 of 1.

When I use the rest console I get all the data (ie. 359 users.).

This is my appid: “B7A361F8-CF83-7748-FF72-D2F4A739E700”



We are aware of this regression, it will be fixed in the very nearest hours/days. We will notify you as soon as it’s fixed.

Regards Anton

Ok, let say it gonna take days. Is there anying temperory fix for it, if only i can see my user data list and edit them.

I am on a deadline, if there is temp fix, I will appreciate it. I try to delete all the users data and re-upload again but problem still persist. However if is possible to delete the user table and recreate a gain could solve the problem for now.

Please, try again and notify us here whether the issue is solved or not.

Regards Anton

Yeah, its working. I am about to do another importing of data again. Hope it does no happend again.
Thanks. You guys are the best.

Everythings works fine now.