User Filtering

Hello again,

I would like to create a page where users can filter any and every column within the database to return objects that match the filters. I tried to do this by creating a search bar with a where clause to match whatever the user input but I would need a search bar for each column for this to work the way I need it to. And even then it might not because I need it to return objects that match the results of every search bar. Is there an easier way to do this? Give users the ability to filter multiple columns and return the results? Without using the data table component because I have 60 columns and that would not be optimal as a mobile app

Bumping this because I still haven’t gotten feedback.

I would say the task isn’t optimal from the beginning. Full text search (because according to your idea the filter should be the same for each column) is a slow operation. And moreover you want to do this for 60 columns. The more data will appear in the table, the slower it will work.

Okay. If to talk about the solution for you task: you have to write function which will retrieve the string from user, than iterate over columns which you want to search over, and construct the query for Data Service.

The resulted where clause may look like:
columnA like '%data%' and columnB like '%data%' and ... <other_columns>
The query should work everywhere in backendless, you can check it constructed properly in Data Servcie.

And how would that look on the logic end of the UI Builder?

Please see the documentation for information on how to use a where clause with Codeless: