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User limit waved?

(Chinmay Dabke) #1

The user limit on the free version of backendless cloud is no longer mentioned in the functional limits page. Has the limit been taken off? It would be amazing if this is true!

(Mark Piller) #2

This is correct, we removed the limit on the number of active users.


(Chinmay Dabke) #3

Thank you very much for your quick response Mark!

(Ralph Ngo) #4

Hi Mark,

In other question, you said that there is still cost for active users. This is so confusing.


(Mark Piller) #5

Hi Ralph,

When you move the mouse pointed over the time date when a post is made you can get the time stamp of the post (in a tooltip). This way you can build the chronological sequence of the posts…

There is no limit for the number of active users.


(Karani Anand) #6

Hi Mark,

In Market place 1000 active users/month with 1$ is still there. Is it by mistake or still active users restriction is there?

Thanks and Regards,

(Karani Anand) #7

Sorry Mark,

I have gone through all other posts regarding active users. I know it’s irritating same question.


It would be better if you remove that pack in Market Place…(to avoid confusion)

(Mark Piller) #8


(Karani Anand) #9

Hi Mark,

I need your help… Is it possible to show progress bar or spinner while connecting with Backendless database…(until got the response from Backendless server)

Please help

(Mark Piller) #10

Please post in a separate topic. We prefer not to mix unrelated questions in the same topic.


(Karani Anand) #11

Sure Mark