User login has stopped working

User login was working a few days ago. But suddenly the user can’t login with his credentials. The code is perfect i guess. No changes have been done since the app was working. Registrations happen, but not sign in. Always the error “INVALID LOGIN OR PASSWORD”. Please look into this matter as my app is live and is under immense pressure from users.

The error would occur if user id and password do not match. You can try creating a user in console, assign a password and then see if you can login using the credentials of the created user.

Still the problem persists. I have tried everything.

There are no known problems with the login API. The issue must be with your code. Consider purchasing a support plan so we can assist you with your code.

Can it be a problem with my google api key?

The only thing you can rule out is Backendless API itself (which is working). Everything else is outside of our control.

OK, Thank you for support.