User login

I have a question regarding user login
If i declare stayInLogin = true then user cannot be logout unitl he log himself out or through console ? right

if its right do i need to implement “Validating User Login” form the doc .


Hi Saad

I guess so, because user token can be expired

here is a doc Backendless Login API - Backendless SDK for Android/Java API Documentation

Regards, Vlad

This is my first application which deals with login/register thing. I want to know do i need to add validity for user on each activity or just one time in the start up !

did you read docs what I shared in my previous comment?

The login operation provides a way to persist the user-token on the client side so it can be used when the application is restarted. This helps in streamlining the user experience since the user of the application does not need to login again. However, when the application restarts, it needs to check if the underlying user token, and hence the user session are still valid. This can be accomplished with the API below: