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User registration forbidden in REST API

(Jeroen Dierckx) #1


I am trying to register a new user using the REST API, and I get the following error, even with my admin user (which has all access to all data):

{"code":1011,"message":"User has no permission to create entity"}

The permissions for the Users table should be setup correctly. I have the same set of permissions on another data table, in which I can create new objects without problems.

Kind regards,

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #2

please provide your application id

(Jeroen Dierckx) #3

The application ID is C6730F91-F429-E4C9-FF61-ED62B2B2E100

Kind regards,

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #4

as I can see, you have denied create operation for all roles except MotionOperator role and Administrator role and you should be logged in with one of this role to register new user.

I have created test user assign to it Administrator role and was able to create new user

(Jeroen Dierckx) #5

Can I just use POST to /data/Users to create a new user? I was trying to POST to /users/register as stated in the documentation.

Anyway, I will try that in a minute.

Kind regards,

(Jeroen Dierckx) #6

It does work if I use /data/Users and POST to that.

The documentation however, says we need to use /users/register:

Kind regards,