Users can no longer register on my app that was worked since 12 month!!

When I try to debug it s say that:

Unable to register user. External registration failed with message: A JSONObject text must begin with ‘{’ at character 0

my app id is 99728F8E-63FE-49A3-FF81-CCDAF1FC4C00

Hi Julio,

Have you been able to see whether your external registration server receives correct request and response? Can you give an example of such?
It looks like your service started to return an empty response, which causes an error since our backend parses it to JSON.

The connection works very well, and Backendless return all my data like “Offer” and others. i do not understand what external registration server mean because i only use backendless v3.

You’ve set up an external registration to, haven’t you?

Ok sorry it 's someone else in my team.