Using Realm to store data?


I saw this commit by Mark and figured Realm was supported I can’t wrap my head around how backendless would work with RealmObjects nor understand how to use it. Sorry I haven’t had time to test these myself but a few questions:

  1. Will Backendless map data to the object class even if it extends RealmObject?

  2. For a 1:M relation, Backendless returns the child objects as a List<Child>, where as Realm uses RealmList<Child>. So will Backendless work relations be loaded into the parent object still? Or will an error occur?


  1. It will map

  2. I am not sure about this. try it and if it does not work you will able to write some thing like adapter

I am working on an app and I use BAckendless + Realm.

I did this way : Download from Backendless and for each record, create a new record in my Realm. I also use 2 model for each table (Restaurant, RestaurantRealm)

Works fine

I wasn’t able to find a way to manage the relationships few months ago, but I was (and still I am) a rookie on Realm. Maybe I should try…

Edit… Sorry just noticed was for the Android version. I am working for iOS. I’ll try anyway…

Is the mapping as simple as adding the ‘extends RealmObject’ to the Backendless generated classes?