Version is disabled or provided wrong application info (application id or secret key)

I am following the quick guide and am running into some issues. It is a very simple app and I am not sure where it is going wrong. My application id is:


And the only thing in my app so far is:

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    String appVersion = "v1";
    Backendless.initApp(this, "F1D59C9B-6ED8-1A8C-FF1F-2B29C1427700", "<secret key>", appVersion);
    BackendlessUser user = new BackendlessUser();
    user.setPassword("super secure password");
    Backendless.UserService.register(user, new BackendlessCallback<BackendlessUser>() {
        public void handleResponse(BackendlessUser backendlessUser) {
            Log.i("Registration", backendlessUser.getEmail() + " sucessfully regsitered");


Which, when run, ends with an exception stating “Version is disabled or provided wrong application info (application id or secret key)”. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi William,

Looks like you have an app in the 4.0 version of the backend, but you are using 3.x version of the SDK. Please make sure to use the 4.0.o-beta4 build:|com.backendless|backendless|4.0.0-beta4|jar


Btw, the quick start guide for version 4 is available at:


Wonderful! Thanks so much for your help!