Video from backendless file take too long to load

if i use video url from youtube from example, it doesnt take too long, but with backendless it can take 1 minutes+ to load. anyone know why?

Do you have a URL you could share which demonstrates the problem?

hey mark, this is the video url example

I have tried to watch your video file, and the playback begins in 10 seconds.
What is the size of file, which cause a problem ?

where u watch the video? in backendless web or in android device? im using videoview to stream that video. the size is very small only 1.82MB, resolutin 640 x 480

Just in Firefox, for example. I click on your link and the browser begin to roll this video sample.

ya if that no problem. but when i wanna to stream that video programmatically in android, it took so long to load

When you say “stream that video programmatically”, what does it mean exactly?

Do you open the file URL in a mobile browser?
Or perhaps you wrote code that downloads bytes from the URL and then use a video player to play it?

its like stream using video view, but im using like this

videoLayout = (FullscreenVideoLayout) findViewById(;

Uri videoUri = Uri.parse(videoUrl);
try {

} catch (IOException e) {
}i hv tried with video thats not from backendless file, n it only took around 5 sec to load

How long does it take before it starts playing if you open the URL in a mobile browser?

same when i use browser in my pc, not that long too load

I didn’t understand you response. Did you try opening the URL in a mobile browser on your phone? How long did it take to load?

what i mean is in my application, theres a feature to stream a video. if i stream in app, it take too long to load. if i open google chrome in my mobile and type the video url it doesnt take too long to load. but i want user not go out from my application, so just like youtube, they can stream video inside app. the problem is if i stream inside application it take too long to load

If the video does not take too long to load in chrome, it means there is no problem with the server. If chrome can do it fast, then you should be able to do it fast in your app. Don’t blame the backend for something we didn’t do. The files are served fast, look for a solution in your code.