Visibility Logic (Style - backgroundColor)

I found a problem in my programming, I would like to change the background color during a presentation. Works find but is not working properly the refresh.

This is the code

And you can see the problem in this movie: (34.0 MB)

I enter in “Visitas” and there is 5 records, Francisca Lopez with the correct visit day and then 3 are visitors until I select Benjamin who is “No autorizado” the orange color is correct but if I go again to the other visitors the colorBackground of the first visit now change the color. If I go back to the Menu and back to the view all is OK, the data always keep OK at the database. Look like a refresh problem.

Any idea how to solved?
Thanks, Mario

You could store the selected item in App Data and when you open the page with a list of people, check in App Data which one should be selected with a different color.

OK, but why is not taking care of the information each time I selected? First selection is OK and second selection of the same information is incorrect? I can’t use this style option if it is not reliable each time the user select the information.

Step #1 info OK

Step #2 info OK

Step #3 go to check the same info of the record “Vero” and the data is correct but the style is not refresh.

You can enter with your login and check it is also at the movie.

What’s wrong with the style in Step #3? I do not see anything wrong in the picture.

The orange color is wrong painted because are the same data of step #1. The only difference was visit a record painted in Step #2.

There must be a problem with the logic. You need to adjust the logic to remove the orange color if it is not applicable.

Ok the color “transparent” go to the default!

set the value of the style to transparent