Want to display Data in listview but blank screen

I want to Display / Retrieve Backendless data to Android listview but getting Blank screen , I searched and google a lot of things but result failed and I am stuck please help me, here is my code.

Main Activity
public class ParseActivity0 extends Activity { ListView listview; BackendlessCollection<FirstClass> orders; ProgressDialog mProgressDialog; ArrayAdapter<String> adapter; private String name; String[] bkendless; /**
* ATTENTION: This was auto-generated to implement the App Indexing API.
* See https://g.co/AppIndexing/AndroidStudio for more information.
private GoogleApiClient client; @Override
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.listview_main1); Backendless.initApp( this, Default.APP_ID, Default.SECRET_KEY, Default.VERSION ); Bundle readBundle = new Bundle( ); readBundle.putString( Default.ROLE_TAG, Default.READ_ROLE ); Bundle writeBundle = new Bundle( ); writeBundle.putString( Default.ROLE_TAG, Default.READ_WRITE_ROLE );//------------------------------------------------------
final ArrayList<String> propertyTypes = new ArrayList<String>(); // final ArrayList<Integer> numOfRoomies = new ArrayList<Integer>();
Backendless.Persistence.of( FirstClass.class).find( new AsyncCallback<BackendlessCollection<FirstClass>>(){ @Override
public void handleResponse( BackendlessCollection<FirstClass> foundContacts ) { // all Contact instances have been found
final Iterator<FirstClass> iterator = foundContacts.getCurrentPage().iterator(); while (iterator.hasNext()) { FirstClass dialogOptionsObject = iterator.next(); propertyTypes.add(dialogOptionsObject.getName()); System.out.println("Retrived " + propertyTypes); // numOfRoomies.add( dialogOptionsObject.getNumOfRoomies() );
} } @Override
public void handleFault( BackendlessFault fault ) { // an error has occurred, the error code can be retrieved with fault.getCode()
} });
And here is FirsClass.class
public class FirstClass { private String name; public String getName() { return name; } public void setName( String name ) { this.name = name; } @Override
public String toString() { return “Country{” + “name=’” + name + ‘’’ + ‘}’; }}
And Backendless data saved in table like This

Set a breakpoint on this line and check if you’re getting data back from backendless:

FirstClass dialogOptionsObject = iterator.next();

It seems not compiling “Backendless.Persistence.of” Method Please help and if possible tell me exact method to work on…123

Not compiling with what error?

Repectable Mark Piller

There is no error in the logcat only blank screen on the ADB.
Is there something wrong in FirsClass.class ??

I am trying only Retrieve one column data with no relational column/data, Please also tack a look at Attached image, Pleaseeee Help me

I do not understand what problem you’re having. First you say this:

It seems not compiling "Backendless.Persistence.of" Method

Then I ask what compilation error you get and you say:

There is no error in the logcat only blank screen on the ADB.

If it got to logcat, it means the application compiled and IS running. So once again, what is the problem you’re having?

Did you use a debugger to set a break point and see if you get data from the backend?