What is LoadingCallback

Hi i was watching this video of yours

cant figure out what is loadingcallback in it i get an error saying cannot resolve symbol


It is an implementation of AsyncCallback:


Hey mark what if i dont want to load them in a list view what if i just want it to load the first coloumn and use settext to set the data on text how can i do it ?

I’d be happy to assist you with our API, however, I cannot provide advice on UI programming.

Okay let me ask this way see your example is for setting the data in a listview i want to know whether you have any examples for getting only one day that is Restaurant name not the whole table data

I am having a table which i am using to store image URL i want to retrieve just that URL not other data and this URL will be parsed to show image using picasso

I hope now i am clear to you

How can i get data from my table is my question ?

You can use the REST API if you need to get only a specific property (or properties). See the “props” argument here:


Otherwise, if you use the SDK for Android, you get a complete object back.

Ooh so using the android SDK i can only add data to list views but to get single data i need to use rest API get the JSON and parse it right

Yes, this is correct. I still do not understand what’s wrong with retrieving a single object and then using only one property from it.

Mark in the video you get a single object then you use this code

Restaurant item = getItem();
and then item.getname to get the name of restaurant right
so yo get the data in listVIew right

Now if i want to retrieve the object without using list view do you have any method for it in your API if so then retrieving single object is not a big deal for me

our API knows nothing about list view (or any other UI component for that matter). What the API does is retrieves data from the backend. How you use the data is completely up to you.