What is the price for data transfer in-out, when loading a files from file service?

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I can’t find any price of data transfer in/out from file service, where can I find that?


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Uploading and downloading from file service is free. All you may buy additionally is extra storage if you need more then 20 Gb of space stored in Backendless. (1$/month). Here is documentation for file service, just in case https://backendless.com/documentation/files/android/files_overview.htm

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That’s amazing, but every other Cloud service ( AWS, Google Cloud Storage ), charges for bandwidth usage?

What if I put, lets say video content on your service and show that in my mobile App, wouldn’t that cost anything at all, since it would require a lot of bandwidth going out from your servers?


You need to consider that every preview of your video will be a separate API call. We provide a free limit of 50 API calls/sec. You can control your average API calls/sec by using analytics in Manage section. If the free limit is extended - you’ll need to purchase additional API calls/sec function pack, it’s available via Backendless Marketplace.
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