WhatsApp/Telegram channnel

Hi, guys. I know this might be so much for me to ask but can we have a WhatsApp or Telegram channel so we can ask questions and receive real-time replies and mentorship. Answering questions on forums here can take a month or more to receive a reply and that will be so frustrating?

The support team answer questions on the same day most of the time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, Mohammad.

So far, I experiences very timely responses from the backendless team.
Also, other members (not from the backendless support team) can help to answer questions using this channel and responses are visible to everyone.


Thanks, Klaas.

Hello @Oluwatobiloba_Akinnusi

In addition to the Klaas answer, you also could write to Backendless Slack if you see problems on our side.

Regards, Dima