Access the logic of components in a reusable component

I have a Text component inside a reusable block (ReusableHeader)

I note that the (Text component) Content logic binds to property values from the Reusable Component Data Model … ‘text’ in this case.
Where do I find the ‘text’ property to set it … give it a value that will appear in the Text component in ReusableHeader.

Hello @Jim_Austin!

Here is an example of how you can work with reusable component data: Reusable Component - Data Binding - #2 by vladimir-upirov


Thanks Alexander,
‘Recasting’ Vladimir’s post to my topic:

  • I see the property bound to the Text component Content logic (‘text’ in my example) showing up in the Page Data Model (not “the Reusable Component Data Model”, whatever that is).
  • The result: only one copy of the Reusable Component per page is meaningful as they all would get the same property value (again ‘text’).
  • Seems this problem is recognized; from Vladimir’s post: * BKNDLSS-28583 - each reusable component will have an option to have its own DataModel

For now the one ‘reusable’ per page is OK; I’ll watch for BKNDLSS-28583 to show up in the Release History.