Application Blocked no details


My application was blocked yesterday.
Application ID: 0524F6F0-3AAC-4895-FFC0-7DBA231B8C00

There is no indication of what resource has exceeded the limit.
Are you able to indicate the resource that has exceeded the limit?

Hi. Now I see, that your app isn’t blocked.
Current usages can be seen in section Manage->Billing.
Could you also clarify what message did you receive during blocking ?


Are you able to to tell my why it was blocked in the first place?
Looking at my usage I am well under any of the limits.

I’ve checked log files, but because your app works fine now the searching for the reason is quite complex.
Could you remember please, what was talking about in the error message?

I received an email as below :

Our system has detected that the API requests from your application required additional server-side scalability. The scalability of the Backendless infrastructure is handled by a system called “Super Scaling”. It is a system that allocates additional server-side resources to handle increased or parallel API execition. Your app is currenly on the Springboard plan, which does not have the SuperScaling option. As a result, the API requests have been rejected and your application is currently blocked. To unblock the app, please consider switching to either Cloud9 or Cloud99 plans where Super Scaling is available.

I finally found a reason.
The same as what you read in the letter.

Here the answer for those who stuck with such a problem:

Thank you for your response as assistance.
An early warning system would be beneficial.
I will keep an eye on the usage while developing.

I just tried to deploy local cloudcode via coderunner and got the below message,

Error: Unable to publish model. You have reached the plan’s limit. To increase the limit you need to purchase the ‘Unlimited Business Logic Scripts’ function pack from the Marketplace or upgrade to a plan with bigger limits

According to the usage page you directed me to is showing that I am using 3 scripts and my plan limit is unlimited.

At a fist glance it looks like a bug.
I’ve created inner task in order to investigate what’s wrong [BKNDLSS-23553].

Please, try to make deploy once again.

The deployment was successful.