Backendless 4.0 Cloud - Delete request returns 14002 (Service method not found)

Hi Renato,

I think you are missing something a Anton was able to use your project and had no issues.

Let’s start over to figure out where it fails. To do this, please follow the directions below:

    Create a new app in Backendless Console and select it Click "Download Project Templates", select Java, then select API Service Click Download and get the zip file. Extract the zip file and open an IDE (we recommend IntelliJ IDEA) Build the project. Open a comment prompt and change to the project directory. Run the following command: "./bin/" (I assume you are on a Linux or Mac) The command will start a demo service in the debug mode. Make sure you can see and invoke it from Backendless Console
Please confirm you got that far and then we will proceed to next steps.


Hi Mark,

I created a “DebugApp” and followed the process above - I was able to successfully deploy the test service (to both debug and prod) from the generated java code.

I took my test one step further, taking my existing cloud code project, and updating the runner.propertes to point to my “DebugApp” and it also successfully deploys (to both debug and prod). I guess this looks to be something wrong with my current app / environment? Do I need to plan to start fresh and migrate everything over?


Hi Renato,

It is definitely an option. Before you do that, could you add a few more service classes in the generated DebugApp project and see if debugging/deploying multiple services works as well?


Just added some more services, and they all look to be working as expected.

I also deleted all of the services (since that seems to be where some of this problem originated from) and verified that they do re-populate in the DebugApp.

Ok, that’s good. I think the best approach would be as you suggested - migrate the data/files from the broken app to the new one.

Thanks Mark, I was just looking into that … Is the best way to do this with the Import / Export Feature in 4.0? If so, it seems to not copy over the complete table schemas (constraints and regex validators missing). Is that config elsewhere, or is that by design?

It is by design right now - security settings, constraints and validators are not included. It will be improved upon in one of the future releases.

Thanks, Mark. I will run with that for now. Any idea on a timeline for that (i.e. before or after Backendless 4.0 is out of beta)?

It will be after 4.0 gets out of beta.

Hi Mark!

Would you be able to confirm if this was ever implemented (Inspecting the current CSVs from export indicates maybe not?) I would soon like to clone my entire development environment into a production app with all of the table schemas and app settings.


No, the situation with import/export is the same yet.