Can't get my .NET WPF Application to work with Backendless

This error sometimes occurs when an application fails. When you get this error, go to the task manager and find your application and terminate it. After that, the error will not occur.

Hi @Nikita_Fedorishchev @Marina.Rudenko @mark-piller

Good Morning Backendless Team

Can I please have your assistance with the .Net. I have a problem with getting contents of the table into my custom class List. e.g. List…I want all the objects that are saved in my Diary table(Diary Table in my backendless app) to be inside my List of type Diary(custom class in my WPF application .Net).

Your Assistance will be Highly Appreciated.

Hello @Onalerona_Gabanakgosi ,

your question is unrelated to the current issue.
Please start a new topic and we’ll be happy to assist you.