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Database permissinos

(Mohamad Mohamad Jamil) #21

We usually console.log the errors. But I no clue why we get this - Error: [object Object]

(Mohamad Mohamad Jamil) #22

Yes just deploy it no problem.

(Sergey Chupov) #23

Your code contains this line:

return Backendless.Data.of('current_rms_opportunity').save(o)

while you have no such table. However, there is a current_rms_opportunities table:

return Backendless.Data.of('current_rms_opportunities').save(o)

(Mohamad Mohamad Jamil) #24

That something I should note :rofl: Wil check that and come back to you soon.

(Mohamad Mohamad Jamil) #25

@sergey-chupov. Yes that so silly. But anyway thanks :+1:

(Sergey Chupov) #26

I guess we’ll change the logic to throw a proper error in this case, thank you as well :slight_smile: