Error 400 Bad request

Yes. Looks like this is unrelated to the 400 Bad request, sorry.

And our AppID is: 4E129FA8-ED2B-5021-FF84-966E95BC0D00

I just created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-26867 to investigate the issue

@vladimir-upirov Thank you - hopefully, the business impact of this will have bearing on the priority, given that roughly half our customers are having an issue with the login.

Agreed. Would love to see this get a high priority. We had a bit less then ideal client demo this morning after calls started failing and the bulk of my dev staff is in a holding pattern as we wait for this to be resolved.

Could you create a user account with which we can test login API in your app? Please share the credentials either here or via an email sent to

Once you create an account, please try logging in and see if the problem can be reproduced. This will be the most important thing for us - being able to reproduce the issue.


Thank you! I just send credentials to a user account you can use. However, it doesn’t even seem to reach Backendless to allow the checking of credentials. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Were there any updates pushed out today? Everything worked before this morning.

Same for us. Everything was working fine for over a year until this morning. For us it’s not just login we’re getting 400 bad request on basic data retrieval as well.

Hi @vladimir-upirov @mark-piller , we’re still facing this issue. This seems similar to temporary issues we faced earlier (long time back this time). However, generally such issue used to only last for a short span before it all works well. This time it seems to have persisted quite longer.

Please let me know if you think any additional information would help in its resolution.

Hello, @Experimental_Design, @parley-burnett, @Kinjal_Desai.

Hi, we are already working on a solution. Everything will be fixed soon.

Best Regards, Niktia.

Thanks, looking forward. Please notify once fixed.

Hello @Kinjal_Desai @Experimental_Design @parley-burnett

The problem has been fixed. Please check it for yourself and let us know the result.


Hi @Inna_Shkolnaya

It has been working fine since a few hours for us. Thanks.

What was the cause and what can we do to avoid such occurrence going forward? Availability of these api are quite important to us as downtime directly affects our live customers ability to use our products and causes inconvenience to them.

Best regards,


We had a regression in the code. In order to prevent the problem from happening again, we have added tests to catch errors. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi @Inna_Shkolnaya

Everything seems to be working well this morning. Thank you for the fast response.