Flutterflow + backendless = gdpr compliant

Hey! :slight_smile:

I am curious whether backendless aand flutterflow can be done gdpr compliant. I think FlutterFlow is just a visual builder but has no data collection built-in. I read that I can host on backendless EU-Server.

If I host it at backendless and not on flutterflow is the workflow for updates, that I make changes in flutterflow → export the code → upload the code to backendless hosting?

thanks in advance!

Hi @Max_Jo ,

Sorry for the delay with response.
Yes, in case when you host everything and store all data in Backendless your app will be GDPR compliant.
More about terms and aggrements you can find in this topic: GDPR Compliance - #2 by mark-piller

Regards, Andriy