How think and plan the responsive

I am learning the UI environment,

I don’t understand how I need to design for mobile and desktop.
I experience in Elementor the way it woke there is that I can change parameters when I switch between desktop/tablet/mobile.
how for example I can change the font size when for each scenario?
or cell can be adjusted and become a new row


Hello @yehonatan1

I recommend that you look into this topic. I think it has the answer to your question.


so then I must learn CSS
I am not sure if it is going to be simple
because for every component I will need to do some CSS code.
and every style will need to be done with the css

do you have a roadmap for better controlling the responsive - I found the UX of Elementor intuitive for me, maybe it is a way that you also can implement the UX.

Hi @yehonatan1 ,

Unfortunately we do not have any plans to improve control over responsiveness for the close future.

Regards, Andriy