How to transfer/copy an Application with Data Tables, User Interface and Components to another App instance?

I want to transfer an Application from one instance to another Application in backendless. Data Tables are fine, but I am missing User INterface and Components. How can I transfer these?

To transfer your UI, navigate to the Files section in BACKEND and open the following directory:

Locate the UI container that you want to transfer and step into it. Then use the link at the top that says “Zip Directory”. A zip file will be created. Download the file and upload into the “Root \ ui-builder \ containers” directory in the target app. Unzip the file to recreate the container in the target app. The name of the file will be used for the name of the directory. It may happen that the file name is and the default directory is already there. In that case, either rename the existing directory or rename the zip file before extracting it.


Thank you Mark, that was easy. Was that topic covered in any of the missions? If so, sorry that I forgot it already.
But, something else must be missing.

No, this is an edge use case and was not covered in the missions.

Did the source app have a UI theme installed?

Yes, I am using the Theme: Modern Light from the Library and some extensions for Tooltips and a modal window

Hi @Jorg_Beyer

In this case, you need to clone the following folder as well

Regards, Vlad

Done. Working. Thanks.