Import Apparently Failing, But without Error

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Started an import with a zip containing three small csv files yesterday afternoon. So far, the log ends with the following, no email, and the only thing that happened on the server was that one of the existing tables was truncated to 0 records. I probably have the structure of the csv files wrong, but right now I have no way of knowing. I am on a trial period of the cloud 99 plan so exports are turned off. The documentation on the structure seems clear, but regarding relationships and importing geopoint data, I’m merely guessing.

Thank you, Kelly

the import log:
0:11:03 IMPORT_DATA Importing Started.
20:11:03 IMPORT_DATA Preparing files to import
20:11:03 IMPORT_DATA Copying of vehicleTypes.csv, size: 0.001 MiB.
20:11:03 IMPORT_DATA Copying of routes.csv, size: 0.025 MiB.
20:11:03 IMPORT_DATA Copying of companies.csv, size: 0.078 MiB.
20:11:03 IMPORT_DATA Creating temporary tables
20:11:03 IMPORT_DATA Creating user’s tables
20:11:03 IMPORT_DATA Preparing companies table: initializing columns.
20:11:03 IMPORT_DATA SRS ID was not provided for spatial column w ‘location’. Default SRS ID ‘0’ will be used.
20:11:05 IMPORT_DATA Preparing vehicleTypes table: initializing columns.
20:11:05 IMPORT_DATA Preparing routes table: initializing columns.

Hi @Kelly_Oglesby,

Could you please share your zip with us? If it contains sensitive data you’d prefer not to put in the public forum, you’re welcome to send it to us via email to Please make sure to include into the email a link to this support topic.


OK, I sent it, and thank you very much.

Hi @Kelly_Oglesby,

The reason the import fails is because routes.csv references a non-existing table - people through the following columns:


Please make sure to include people.csv into the zip file and try again.


oops :>)