Increase size limit for server code

Right now, my node modules alone is 250mb since we use AWS SDK (40mb) among other libraries. Even with serious minification, I’m worried that we won’t be able to get to the 20mb limit. Is there a cost-effective way to get around this?

Hi @Garrett_Gottlieb,

Please see the last bullet point on the following page:


Anything larger than 20mb available? Or is there a minifier you know of that can do tree shaking for dead code?

I believe at the moment 20mb is the max. We will review how/when it can be increased.

As for the minifier, take a look at this:

Hmm… that doesn’t really help. Removing all the devDependencies takes it from 213mb to 62mb, however it doesn’t seem like we can use Webpack because of the strictness of the Backendless parser (ie. handlers must live in the folder /handlers). Maybe you can take a look at my app? Id = 1916AD34-DDE0-8B22-FF6E-68F3668F8400

Another problem is that backendless-coderunner must be installed in node_modules, otherwise you get the error “Error: Can not resolve path to JSDoc module.” However, this library adds 20mb. Am I wrong?

@Garrett_Gottlieb backendless-coderunner is excluded when counting deployment size

I see. Still wondering what to do because the cloud code is too large for me.

Hello @Garrett_Gottlieb

Have you read this post ?
You can control which files can be deployed, just exclude some unnecessary files/modules from build by pattern

Regards, Vlad

I don’t think you understand. There is too much code and my cloud code is too large. There is no way of minifying it to the required size.