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Key com.backendless.messageid receiving String instead of INT

(Anton Govorushkin) #24

Try invalidating your project and gradle cache as Oleg and I suggested.

To clear Gradle cache - delete everything related to Backendless at ~/.gradle/caches/
Project cache can be invalidated in your IDE - File > Invalidate Caches/ Restart (then click Invalidate and restart)
Android Studio makes a lot of files as caches and deletes them on request. This may be causing issues including yours.

According to the stacktrace you posted (lines 143 and 94 of your project still references 3.x library, you can see it here:
BackendlessBroadcastReceiver class is completely different in v4-5 of Backendless, it contains less then 80 lines of code:

Please try invalidating caches, when done - clear and build your project, repeat your message publishing/receiving scenario and let us know about results.


(Mark Piller) #25

Hi Ralph,

Could you please send me a private message with your app ID and “Google Project Number” (the value you use in the registerDevice API call)? I’d like to try a basic test with your app/settings. You can send the message to the support user.


(Ralph R Njeim) #26

Hi Anton,
I have done that but still… In fact the crash stack I have sent you was taken from my Play Console so most probably this could be occuring on devices having an older version of my app.

Anyway, I will double check and let you know!

(Ralph R Njeim) #27

Hi Mark,

yes of course, I will send you that.

Thank you!

(Mark Piller) #28

Thanks, Ralph. Coincidentally, someone else reported a problem which occurs only with Android 8 (notifications work on prior versions). Could you please let me know if this is the version of the OS you’re using?

(Ralph R Njeim) #29

Indeed Mark, I have Android 8.

(Anton Govorushkin) #30

Few questions:

  1. Are you testing on an emulator or on real device?
  2. Could you please send your android.manifest to or attach it here in the topic?


(Ralph R Njeim) #31

I always test on my own device. Never used the emulator.
I will send you my manifest by email as it has confidential information and keys.

Regards :slight_smile:

(Anton Govorushkin) #32

Hi Ralph

We eventually found what might be causing issues with Android 8 devices. We’ll roll out a new version of Android SDK soon, and will notify you as soon as it will be available. We do not expect that the fix will take too long. But currently as a workaround you can try creating your own classes of push receiver and push service and handle notifications by yourself as described here:

Please let us know whether everything is ok with devices > 26 API on your side.


(Ralph R Njeim) #33

Hello Anton!

Thank your reply, I guess I’d prefer to wait until the issue is fixed in the SDK.
I haven’t been able to test it on a device > 26 API but I am quite sure it is working, I have users receiving my notifications correctly.

Do you have any idea on the ETA of this fix ?


(Oleg Vyalyh) #34

Hi, Ralph.
A new backendless.jar (our Android sdk) have been already deployed to central maven repository under version 5.0.3 and will be available in 1-2 days.

(Ralph R Njeim) #35

Great news!
Thanks Oleg :slight_smile: