Page Transitions

This is a two part question:

I have watched all the mission videos upto the free tshirt…just sitting there. can’t seem to advance to push notifications.

Secondly: Are there page transition effects like fade, slide etc. I can’t seem to see it, nor does Mark mention it in the UI Masterclass. Or it was 2:30am and that part happened when I fell asleep…lol Great platform, just trying to embrace the ui builder.


Hi Dave,

Have you tried the Codeless missions pack? It is designed with nocoders in mind and the provided instructions are based on UI Builder and Codeless.

Page transitions and animations are possible using extensions. Everything that is supported by CSS/LESS can be used in Backendless UI Builder.


Hi mark as mentioned in The 1st part of my post, I have done all the mission videos up to the point where I guess I’ve earned a free T-shirt and would like to continue if thats possible. Or is that the coding side of the missions. I assumed that the transitions had to be through the css but I want to make sure that I apply them correctly. I will have to look in the forum further to see if anyone has implemented page transitions. And one last note, I’ve seen many programming tutorials and I see a lot of them focus on implementing an order entry system or invoicing system if you want. Perhaps you could do a video on that as it incompasses everything

Here’s a link for the information for how to claim the t-shirt prize:

An order entry and invoice system would spam more than one video… ))

Hello @tbc_guy

In additional I would like to say that adding Transition Effects while switching between pages is in our plans.
Although I cannot give an exact estimation of when it’s done, it will be definitely implemented.

Regards, Vlad