Push Notifications Mission fail, error on Firebase Instance Id

Hello everyone, one question; I am trying to finish the push notification mission in Backendless I got to this part where I keep getting this error, Didn’t find class “com.google.firebase.iid.FirebaseInstanceId” The firebaseinstanceid is located in a READ ONLY file so I can’t edit it. I want to know what to do in this instance?

I followed the instruction on the Push Notifications Documentation:

  • I have added my project to Firebase and added the google-services.json file
  • Added Firebase core and messaging in the app.gradle file.
  • Added Backendless to the Gradle file and synced it.
  • Added the server key from my Firebase project to Backendless
  • Added Backendless in my Android manifest file and the Device Registeration API as well.


I think it is related to the google libraries not to the Backendless.
Did you try to find the solution in other more specified resources. As I see the class FirebaseInstanceId was deprecated and probably was removed in the latest libraries. It is worth trying the library with the older version.

Hi Backendless,

We are seeing very similar behavior in our Android app, which has been running on BL for over 4 years. Now we get the same crash with “Failed resolution of FirebaseInstanceId” in com.Backendless.push.FCMRegistration (line #51). We are using Backendless 6.3.4.

This happens when Backendless.Messaging.registerDevice() is called. There is no Backendless handleFault() message - just a hard crash. It looks like this started happening over a month ago. We are trying different versions of the firebase dependencies, but so far no luck.

Please let us know if there is any news on this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Rick Cataldo

PS: I have also posted this reply to the topic - Backendless.messaging.registerDevice crash app

Did you read this topic?

Will be great if you try a solution from it.

I agree, and thanks again to @Marina.Kan for pointing us to the solution that worked in our case.