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Resend of confirmation email

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #21

No, from Backendless Console

(Tal Seren) #22

So this is not a solution,

because the whole topic is about resending email confirmation
not canceling it all together

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #23

Sorry, my comment was out of this scope

(Mark Piller) #24

With the proposed changes, you should not rely on Backendless to mail anything automatically - everything should be done out of the custom code.

We will add support for resending email confirmation, but I cannot commit to a specific timeline for when this will be available.

(xissburg) #25

“When confirmation is required, users can not login until email is confirmed”

We should choose whether we’ll allow the user to login or not based on the email confirmation status. I, for example, want to not allow the user to log in 7 days after the account is created and the email is not confirmed yet. And then I’d resend the confirmation email.

(Mark Piller) #26

There is a default implementation and then there is an infinite number of use-cases where you can built any kind of logic that suits your app. With the default one, it works as we document it. For everything else you’d add your custom code and use the provided APIs (where makes sense) to get things done.

(xissburg) #27

Yeah I understand. I will investigate how I can use an external service like MailChimp to implement this behavior within a server side script.

(Mark Piller) #28

Did you know there is an API for sending email in Backendless? If it will make it any easier, here’s the doc (it is for iOS, there is a selector for languages in the upper right corner):

(xissburg) #29

Ah yeah, there’s that. I will give it a try then. Thanks

(Robert J) #30

Any update to this? Was this added in V5?