Separating an existing UIBuilder App into different containers

I would prefer to use other descriptions:

  1. template => source files, that are used in the UIBuilder designer to edit your app
  2. working files => target files, that are used in production, on publishing a container the UIBuilder composed files (js/model/styles/etc) into single ones to reduce the count of files to accelerate the first open in the browser

To get a full understanding I can recommend you separate these two features:

  1. publishing a UI container to the target directory
  2. custom domain mapping to a folder

Publishing a UI container means you can publish your ui-container into any folder, and you do not need to copy/paste files manually, the system already composes some directories and copies files into the target folder

Custom domain mapping to a folder, means you create a shortcut to get access to the directory, any sub folder will be accessible as well, so you can have mapping
to the “/web” folder and by this URL it opens the web folder, and if there is a sub folder “/web/test” it can be opened by the following URL

Together both features give you a short way to build an app and then publish it to a folder and it will be available by the domain

According to backup:
when you publish something to a directory the UIBuilder system backups everything in the target directory and put it into the following folder: “/ui-builder/backups” in case the build fails it reverts previous files to the target directory

That’s very helpful @vladimir-upirov /

So to be clear, I should not be touching source files.

If I want to reorganize my folders so they are all accessible in the same custom domain, I can use the Publish button and add subfolders.

Questions I still have

  1. In your example above, assuming custom domain is mapped to /web, then opens the /web folder. If I use the Publish button to publish my default container to /web, I do not risk making changes or erasing /web/test. Correct?
  2. If a developer mistakenly publishes the /test container to the /web directory, this will erase the /web container. To backup, I will need to reach out to you, or look in my /files/ui-builder/backups folder? This backup folder will contain backups of all the sub folders?


for all questions the answer is yes

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