Setup Project in XCode

Hi Team,
I am trying to set up the backendless-react-native in IOS following this documentation but I am facing some error. I have attached the txt file for the error. I am currently stuck at this point.
Please help to fix this.

Following versions that I used
backendless: "^6.2.1"IOS_BUILD_ISSUE.txt (10.3 KB)
backendless-react-native: “^0.1.5”
react: “16.13.1”
react-native: “0.63.2”

Hello @Baljeet_Singh

We will investigate your problem and respond as soon as possible.


Thanks. @Inna_Shkolnaya

Hi @Baljeet_Singh ,

could you please attach a sample project so we could reproduce it? (305.2 KB)

@stanislaw.grin Please find the attached file. Looking forward to the solution :slight_smile:

Hello @Baljeet_Singh,

We’re able to reproduce this issue, the internal ticket BKNDLSS-24072 is created.


Hey @olhadanylova
Waiting for your response. We have only this issue which stuck our app to launch. Can you please let me know when will it be fixed?

Hi @Baljeet_Singh ,

Our engineers are working on the fix. We let you know when it will be available. Sorry for inconvenience.

Regards, Andriy

@Andriy_Konoz Any update, please. we need to resolve this on an urgent basis.

Hello, @Baljeet_Singh.

We will release a fix in the coming days.

Regards, Nikita,

@Nikita_Fedorishchev Any update, please.

Hello @Baljeet_Singh

Unfortunately, there were difficulties in fixing this problem. We plan to fix this next week. As soon as there is some information, we will inform you. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello @Inna_Shkolnaya
Its been a month already, we are near to release our product. Can you please let me know the time you need to fix this bug?

Hi, @Baljeet_Singh

I’m sorry for the time you have to wait. We are doing everything in our ability to get the changes to the production as soon as possible.


Hi @Baljeet_Singh

We’ve fixed the issue and released a new React-Native-JS-SDK version 0.1.7. Can you update it and verify everything works fine for you?

Best Regards,

Hi @Maksym_Khobotin

Is there any documentation available for this?
Can you please give me a link if it is?

If you want to setup your React-Native app with Backendless SDK you can follow these instructions:

React-Native-JS-SDK ReadMe

Please notice that there are instructions for iOS and Android platform:

Setup Native projects

If you need SDK documentation take a look at:

JS SDK Documentation

Best Regards,

We have done the setup but not getting notifications on IOS devices

Do you see device registrations in Backendless?

Yes, @mark-piller . We have devices in the DeviceRegistrtaion table.