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Setup Project in XCode

We tried a lot, I have added certificates in Dev. Env.

After registering iOS device and tried sending notification to all devices(Android as well)
I get notification for Android but not on iOS
Also one thing noticed, everytime when we send notification from backendless template the iOS device is getting deleted from the DeviceRegistration table.

Please help on this ASAP.

Did you deploy sandbox or production certificate to Backendless?

@mark-piller you mean sandbox or production APN certificate, right ?

Are we talking about iOS? If so, then yes, I am asking if you deployed your sandbox or production ios APNS certificate to backendless.

yes @mark-piller

one thing, I have noticed, the deviceToken which is getting generated for IOS, is totally in different format as compared to both Android and the dummy Push notification project on Backendless.

Following is the format of the device token of IOS

Android and iOS tokens have nothing in common.

Do you run your iOS app from Xcode or is it deployed to app store?

@mark-piller I am making the Archive and using that, I made one IPA file and installed on real IOS device.

Note:- I tried the same using the Dummy push notification project which is on backendless, I am able to get the notifications on that project.

If you got push notifications for a project working, then follow whatever you did in that project. The problem appears to be with your setup and not backendless.

If you’re using a sandbox certificate, it will work only when you run your iOS app in debug mode.

@mark-piller That project is having the IOS SDK, and I am using the JS SDK

function I am using is registerDevice to register the device.

Hello @Neeraj_Kumar,

send push notification and then after couple seconds check message status using the following method Get Message Status - Backendless SDK for JavaScript API Documentation

@sergey.kuk Whenever i am sending the push notification, my IOS device is getting disappeared from DeviceRegistrations Table, any thoughts on this ?

@sergey.kuk Following is the message status

“errorMessage”: “Could not find status for message with id: 9734C0BF-95FC-4381-A88D-FC728FCE22A6”,
“messageId”: “9734C0BF-95FC-4381-A88D-FC728FCE22A6”,
“status”: “unknown”

@Neeraj_Kumar you have taken only part of the message, full message id contains prefix message:. Use full message id.

@sergey.kuk Same response

“errorMessage”: “Could not find status for message with id: message:9402D902-6467-447A-952A-BA1F8E33EF4B”,
“messageId”: “message:9402D902-6467-447A-952A-BA1F8E33EF4B”,
“status”: “unknown”

@Neeraj_Kumar please show the response for puplish method

@sergey.kuk I am publishing the message fro here

@Neeraj_Kumar what is your application id?

@sergey.kuk @mark-piller We are using the direct registerDevice method of JS SDK to register the device and after sending the message
I got this response

“errorMessage”: “Invalid device token…\n”,
“messageId”: “message:19A6AF78-A4EE-4A79-ABAA-E16E469A83BA”,
“status”: “failed”

So the device token that is being generated using this registerDevice method on backendless is invalid.

@sergey.kuk Is it okay to send the applicationId here ?