Springboard app rejects every request

I’ve a Backendless app entirely for development. It’s under the Springboard plan and has been working without problems. However, since a few hours ago it’s returning a 9070 error code on every request. I’ve made sure that there’s noone trying to perform requests at the same time.

The APP ID is 77174A3A-8AD8-F997-FF5F-8CE8CB660D00

Hi @iamenriquediaz

The API requests for your app are rejected because you’ve reached multiple location access limit.
Please make sure you don’t perform requests from different IPs.

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Thanks for the response @Maksym_Khobotin.

I have a development team and sometimes more than 1 person is working with the app at the same time. We understand that only 1 request can be made at a time. But now, no one is performing any request and the app still remains blocked. What’s the suggested approach to work with?

Hello @iamenriquediaz

Take a look at this comment What is the meaning of Super Scaling

It should be automatically unlocked in a few hours after locking. Do you still experience the problem?

If your application has grown and involves more than just development, I can advise you to switch to one of the paid plans, all paid plans include additional SuperScaling.