Super Scaling Option?

Am getting this error message when I try to access my tables via API call

Code 9070: The API has been rejected because it requires scaling for processing. Switch to the cloud9 or cloud99 plan to enable the super scaling option.

Hello @Nkekere_Tommy_Minimann

This is expected behavior when you make requests to Backendless from different places while testing.

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Regards, Dima

How can I resolve this? I travelled to another state and carried my work along with me, but am back to my base.

Please, take a look at this topic. And if something will be still unclear i will answer your questions.

Thank you. I have an idea of what super scaling means, but obviously am still testing my app. Am not in production yet so am not yet ready to switch to cloud9 or 99. How do I make the error go away so that I can access my tables via API calls?
Do you need to re activate my app?

The error will go away automatically after a cool-off period.



Am still having this problem despite not executing my app from multiple locations. And the error persists for several days.

Hi @Nkekere_Tommy_Minimann ,

Could you please provide your App ID so I can check this situation?

Regards, Andriy

App ID: C2AE98FF-1A1D-BF10-FF3E-64CD97C40D00

@Nkekere_Tommy_Minimann ,

Do you have some integration with Google services?
I see a lot of requests from their servers from different locations. This is a reason why your app hits SuperScaling absence so quickly.

Regards, Andriy

I have
apply plugin: ‘’
at the top of my module level Gradle file
I think this is necessary for firebase integration.
Should this be a problem? Am not testing the app from multiple locations.

@Nkekere_Tommy_Minimann ,

No, plugin in Gradle file can’t cause this error.
Maybe you have configured some callbacks from Firebase or other external services to your app?

Regards, Andriy

I don’t understand this at all. This is really frustrating because I can’t do anything right now. Isn’t there a direct way I can find out which external services is using callbacks to my app?

Hello @Nkekere_Tommy_Minimann

We caught requests to your app from the following IP Addresses for today:

 1) ""
 2) ""
 3) ""
 4) ""
 5) ""
 6) ""
 7) ""
 8) ""
 9) ""