Sync Changes errors, "Codeless Custom Function "funcname" error on create: this.sdkClient.codeless.createFunctionSource is not a function


Thank you for the information. I have checked and indeed those modules are missing, which I suspect is an issue related to synchronization.
We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.
The duplicates appeared after I transferred them to your QA application and then removed them as soon as I noticed the code was different (which is related to the recent changes you wrote about).
There is another way to try to fix the situation, could you please let me know if I can make changes now (it might result in your application being unavailable for some time)?


Hi @Alexander_Pavelko, thanks again for the help. Please feel free to make those changes.

Hi @Nathan_Cousins!

Thank you for your understanding.
I have just made the necessary changes.
Could you please check and let us know in this topic if everything is in order?


Looks like the correct function is running as expected and I was able to log in to our app, I’ll provide an update if I have other issues. Much appreciated!


I was happy to help and once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
We will inform you in this thread as soon as this issue has been fixed.


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