UI Builder dynamic list not updating correctly

What is calendarListRaw?

In order to save on loading speed, on page enter, I load a set of past and future events into calendarListRaw and then a sublist in studentContainer. This works fine on page load, but is messed up on menu click.

eg. we could have 5/1, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4, 5/5 in calendarListRaw and depending on the menu click, only have 5/4, 5/5 in studentContainer.

The logic seems to work correctly.

Makes sense?

I do not understand the rationale for logging the contents of calendarListRaw here:

It seems like you think it would be relevant to the logic of Dynamic Items Logic.

Btw, you have not answered this question:

I do not use “Set Dynamic List Items to studentContainer” anywhere. I have deleted it everywhere.

Please describe the workflow in order to see the problem. We will need steps to reproduce. Be as detailed as possible. If any logins are required, please send them as PM.


Thanks, I sent the workflow and log in details on Slack

Hello @Andreas_Marinopoulos

The issue has been fixed, could you please confirm that the problem is gone?

Regards, Vlad

Yes, it works, thanks!