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URGENT: Exception With Every Call

(Phil) #1

I have an app using Backendless Cloud 3.x. It has been working fine for months but today I am getting the following exception on all my calls to my external business logic service:

“ PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target”

Is there something wrong with Backendless Cloud? I was supposed to demo my app to a client today. :frowning:

(Mark Piller) #2


Please see the following post describing a solution for the reported problem:


(Phil) #3

It says “Go to URL in your firefox browser”. What is the URL? Also, I’m on Mac OS X.

(Mark Piller) #4

You mentioned that you’re getting the exception in “all my calls to my external business logic service”. The URL should be the one you’re trying to connect to. Could you please elaborate where exactly the error shows up and what host that code is connecting to?

(Phil) #5

So I have a service in the custom business logic I created in Java. I downloaded the javascript api that Backendless auto generates and make calls to the custom service using that. For example, I call MyCustomService.GetNumberOfUsers() in javascript. It’s supposed to return the number of users but instead I get the error:

“ PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target”

I’m seeing the error in the Google Chrome console. So I guess the host I’m connecting to is the Backendless server?

(Mark Piller) #6

Does the implementation of your API service communicate with Backendless or it makes external calls to some other hosts?

(Phil) #7

The only thing I can think of is Google Maps. I also have an ssl certificate where the html and js code is hosted but I don’t think that should matter.

(Mark Piller) #8

Please let me know the application ID where it happens. Also, specify how to invoke the method/service in question so we can experience the problem first hand.


(Phil) #9

The app Id is: CE6DAFE1-FEAB-9A8E-FFA9-BA98F212A300

The name of the custom service EpilepsyWService and an example method is getNumberOfUsers(). It takes 0 arguments and returns an integer. It just counts the number of users in the Users table.

(Mark Piller) #10

Thanks, the support team is looking into it.

(Phil) #11

Great. Please let me know if you need anymore information. I appreciate the quick responses.


(Mark Piller) #12

The problem should be resolved. Could you please try it again and let us know?


(Phil) #13

Yep! It looks like it’s working now. Thank you!