Users disappearing randomly


If the ‘Enable Session Timeout’ option is enabled in the settings under Users -> Login (in your case, it’s enabled with a value of 5 days),

the server initiates a task to delete the guest user after the specified amount of time. If the user registers as a permanent user, the server cancels this task. I’ll try to provide the rest of the information tomorrow.


Hello @Nicolas_REMY,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Currently we don’t have a script to synchronize statuses. We’ll be working to identify a list of removed users. Also we are working on improving the process by adding a check for guest user status before removing the user. We’ll release the patch as soon as possible and notify you once it’s ready.

Best regards!


We have released a patch, please let us know if you will able to see the issue again.

Thanks @sergey.kuk and @Viktor_Mudrevsky for the follow up.

I’ll come back here if ever I notice any other disappearance.

Thanks also for the file, I’ve downloaded it so I guess you can now remove it.