Using sendgrid as SMTP server?


I’m trying to setup SMTP using my apikey from my SendGrid account. In SendGrid, we can use the string “apikey” as username and the provided apikey value as the password. Documentation provided on the link below:

However, when I tried to set this in the Email settings it gave me the error “Invalid User Id value”.

Is there any way I can get this to work?


Hi Allen,

Internal ticket with id BKNDLSS-13135 has been created for this issue. User ID can only be email now. As a workaround you can create credentials for sendgrid with name like “***@***.***” and this user id is valid.



Hi Denys,

Do we have any ETA on the ticket resolution?


Is there a way to use SendGrid here. I am looking for a solution to customize the email settings of app so native emails like account creations get done via a custom email and not the backendless default.

Hello @allen-sandiego

We don’t have guide for SendGrid with Backendless
This may possibly help you.
Also, you can try to find something about SendGrid on our forum


Hi Nathan,

You can configure a 3rd party email server in Backendless Console. Please see the following documentation page: