100 limit on GET API

Hi - I am seeing that there is a limit of 100 lines when using API/GET. I am using the following codeless block to receive data. Please help!
This will be an ongoing thing so need to know how to overcome this limitation.

Hi, @AD,

Am I correct that you are trying to get more than 100 objects from the table? If yes, in the Cloud edition, you need to use paging to get additional objects. Take a look at this post. I believe it can be useful for you:


Hi - I am trying to get data from an external source via API (using http get method). Looks like he documentation is regarding pulling FROM backendless. I need it the other way. I am using backendless to PULL data from external app using GET.

If you are not getting data from Backendless and are running into some limits, you should contact the provider of the external service.

Actually, you’re right. I did some mote digging and looks like the restriction is at the source. Thanks for quick response. You guys rock ( so far :wink: )