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1000 Error

Right now, when I try to register a user or login a user, I am getting a Error 1000:
{“code”:1000,“message”:“Entity with ID login not found”,“errorData”:{}}

This is definetly an error on the backendless part, because it was working Yesterday.

Beyond that, I know the Rest Request is correct:

  1. data:
  2. login: “
  3. password: “b”
  4. proto: Object
  5. headers:
  6. Content-Type: “application/json”
  7. proto: Object
  8. method: “POST”

Please advise, things like this will force me to go somewhere else.

Hello @Shaun_Regenbaum

Sorry for the inconvenience. Tell me please, is still happening with you?

If yes, provide your app id, and say how you send a request? SDK or Codeless?

Regards, Dima