2 finger zoom

New to Backendless. How do you turn 2 finger zoom off? I can zoom on every page and do not want that functionality.

Yes this is utilizing mobile view.

I would like to advise that I am not a coder and need assistance to implement the solution that Mark has identified.

Please assist with this

Well was liking backendless until I started testing the app on via Backendless viewer and when started entering data with my phone, the pinch zoom feature started going crazy and would zoom when I did not want it to. Do not know how to fix it via the stackoverflow procedure above. So looking for another codeless app builder.

Sorry for the long time response.

You could disable that for the apps published in Backendless Viewer using the following values:

As for preview and published web view, you can’t do it through settings. And must use an instruction posted before. For that, create a handler On Page Enter, add Custom Code block, and past part of code from SO:

function touchHandler(event){
    if(event.touches.length > 1){
        //the event is multi-touch
        //you can then prevent the behavior

window.addEventListener("touchstart", touchHandler, false);

Also, I must inform you - it doesn’t work for a lot of OS and phones(especially for iPhones)

Kind of unrelated to this particular “prevent zoom” issue, a question for @Dima : it looks like adding a custom code block and having it run On Page Enter is the way to have custom JS event handlers running in our app? We are trying to implement logic that triggers on scroll events.

answered in the following topic Custom function & infinite scroll

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