3 questions

Thank you for all your help, my first web page is up and running perfectly and self hosted on my lappy.

3 questions occurr to me…

  1. After I had forked my page (to create a backup) i noticed that all the UI objects had suffixes added to their names in both the original and forked pages. Can this be suppressed and the original names retained?


  1. I built a function (ShowErrorMessage) and tried to get it to toggle the visibility of a close button, but component logic jigsaws do not seem available in my function, . Can this be done?


  1. Thinking ahead to creating Apps for my phone, can UI Builder get control of the Phone functions eg take a photo, list contacts, create PDF etc. I have not seen any tutorials like this yet.

btw, I just watched the video on Views, brilliant, being a refugee from relational databases, I will find many uses for views.

All the best

Hi Bruce,

  1. Suffixes are added automatically when you drag a component to a page. You can assign your own IDs to every component using the Id field:

    Btw, forking a page has no impact on the naming/IDs of the component.

  2. What does the function look like? I didn’t quite understand from the screenshot what is not available.

  3. Camera control is on our roadmap. Accessing contacts is possible only from a native app (see this for the functionality available in web apps on mobile: https://whatwebcando.today/)


Hi Mark

On questions

  1. A typical name I gave to a Block is blkMessage. After the fork this became blkMessage-2, I do not know where the ‘-2’ came from, not me, nor the auto numbering that you refer to.

  2. The function is a simple one…

    Notice there is no ‘Component’ in the UI section.
    To call the function

    Has the effect of - the circled button is switched between visible and invisible

  3. Interesting.

@vladimir-upirov , any idea why the “Component” menu in the codeless toolbar is not available for functions?

@Bruce_X, I tried replicating what you’re describing with IDs and could not reproduce it. Here’s a test page and added a block to it, the block id is myTestBlock:

Now I clone the page:

And here’s the cloned page with the same ID:

If I go back to the original page, the ID stayed the same:

Hi Mark

Thank you very much for replying, I must have tripped over something else to get my accidental renames done, weird, I’ll move on.

I have run my new web page on my lappy under IIS, no problems at all.