400 Bad Error on flutter web app

Published a live version of a flutter web app and all of my backendless data requests are not working. When I was testing in a development environment it was working. This is the response that I keep getting. Any ideas what is happening?

weblink → the web app is studioyapp.flutterflow.app/home

Hi, @StudioYapp_Dev

Welcome to the community and thanks for trying out Backendless!
Are you still experiencing this problem?


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I am still experiencing this issue.

As I see you request data from another app with domain sizabledust.backendless.app and request mode is cors. If we change it to no-cors everything works fine.

Published a live version of a flutter web app

Can you tell me, is it about publishing app at our service? Or some another?

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I am building a mobile app through FlutterFlow and using backendless instead of firebase for the backend of the app.

I am talking to them now to see if they can change this.

I figured out the solution by working with the domain control settings in the panel by adding * to the box.