5.1 training

in training 5-1 i can’t get pass creating this screen. i think the error was page already there but it flashes too fast.

in my settings i dont see it there (see below)


Hello @Domingo_Serrano

I see that you were able to create a page. I don’t understand what error you are talking about? Did you follow all the steps described in the mission? If you are unable to complete any of the steps, please record how you did it.


how do you record?

Using the app I sent you. But you can record a video with a video recorder you are comfortable with and attach the link in a message.


with what software to record?

Any video recording software that is available to you

use loom.com:

Please do NOT upload entire videos to our forum; instead, post a link to the video.

let me know. When I created the second page a error flash pretty quick

I do not see any errors in the video. But I see that the button label in the page “5-1” was not applied.