500 internal error while POSTing to Users table

Hey guys,
I’m making simple POST request to Users table. Getting internal server error (500).

b’Backendless encountered an error while handling the request. An internal trouble ticket with ID 63EB63C8-37E8-062D-FF7A-A5868F015100 has been created and we will be investigating the issue. <…>

Would love to hear, what might be wrong?

After some playing around, I noticed that if I don’t include password, I get back 400 error. Which will tell that I’ve to use one. If I use password as a int, I’ll get another error, saying that it must be String. However if I put it as a string - it will return 500.

I’ve tried with my app and on POST request it returns correct answers if the email or password field are missed.

	"code": 3011,
	"message": "Property 'password' is required"


	"code": 3013,
	"message": "Unable to register user. Missing identity value for 'email'"

Please, provide your appId and the request you tried with.

Hi Oleg,

I’ve played much more with it. I found an issue. 500 is returned if I pass objectId as null. I believe this case isn’t handled on server side.

Thanks. I’ve reproduced the problem. We’ll fix it ASAP and post here the result.
Inner task: [BKNDLSS-20348]

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Hello @Aurimas_Deimantas

We have fixed the issue. Please check if everything fine for you.

Regards, Inna