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502 Bad Gateway

i cant reach the backendless codeless service since 30 min now

We are aware of the problem and working on a fix. Please see the note at the top of every page on this forum.


There is no note.
thank you.

This is what I see:

What about you?


i had to reopen the page to see it.
so if the user have the forum already open he will not see the note.

its working again.
thank you

so this rise a concern for me…
right now my app is not live so it did not effect me.
but how can i handle an issue like this in my app? so i can inform the users that this is an issue in the server not the app itself.

when this issue started my app just didn’t respond to user actions.

From the logic in the app, you could add a check for the response code or timeout. If an API request fails with a timeout, you can run a check to see if the timeout is consistent (for example, making 3 requests in a row). If all of them fail, the app can present a screen saying the server is experiencing technical difficulties (possible with a “Retry” button). We will be implementing “status API” which you can then use in the app as well (instead of relying on the timeout logic).