_wrapAsync in javascript SDK


There seems to be a bug in the javascript SDK. There is

    UserService.prototype = {
        _wrapAsync: function(async, stayLoggedIn) {
            var me   = this, success = function(data) {
                currentUser = me._parseResponse(tryParseJSON(data), stayLoggedIn);
            }, error = function(data) {

            return new Async(success, error);

which is used throughout the UserService module. It however contains behaviour to handle a login request (or a request returning a user object anyway).

In the get getUserRoles method for example, _wrapAsync should not be used. Not sure about other places, but I had to disable it at that place because I requested the user roles after login, and the wrapper code messed up the stayLoggedIn functionality.

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Hello, Jeroen!
Thank you for reporting it, it looks that you’re right. I’ve created an internal ticket for this topic and we shall work on it. Ticket ID is BKNDLSS-13006.
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was this fixed?